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Rhythm for School life : using drums and percussion for life lessons

Our philosophy is not just to teach children about rhythm, but to use drums and percussion to build confidence and create co-operative spirit, to enhance communication and listening skills and to lay the groundwork for creative expression in all areas of life.

Rhythm is in all of us and its joy as a tool for discovery and development is best explored and nutured at a young age. Using rhythm based activities we create a non-competitive inclusive environment in which all children can thrive.

We are passionate about rhythm and getting every child involved in the activities. Our playshops are fun, exciting, inspiring and informative. Children love making music together, especially when it involves making lots of noise!


How to use us:

  • One day (5 sessions and a performance to parents and the rest of the school or as many sessions as we can fit in during the day so that as many children as possible can have an experience)

  • Half day (1 or 2 classes plus a performance)

  • Week project (visit every day for a week, 4 or 5 classes per day, with a performance at the end of the week)

  • Term project (visit once a week for a term, 4 or 5 classes per day, with a performance at the end of the term) - use this for "Wider Opportunities" funded projects

  • 'Music-in-the-moment' : improvisation / drum circles / rhythm games

  • Cultural rhythms : African / Middle Eastern / Brazilian

  • Other : Boomwhackers (adding melody to rhythm) / Body percussion / Soundscapes (using drums and percussion to provide a soundtrack to pictures and stories)

  • Teacher training : in-service training and empowerment / team building sessions for all teachers. Learn and develop drumming and percussion techniques to complement and enhance existing teaching skills.

When to use us:

  • Arts and cultural weeks

  • Specific school projects

  • Reward for special achievments

All of our facilitators have enhanced CRB certificates / All drums and percussion are supplied / Up to 40 children per class

To download our latest leaflet click here


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Telephone: 0117 952 5273 or use the contact form here

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“We have all gained enormously from the music, art and cultural history. There has been brilliant feedback and a real ‘buzz’ from the evenings performance, a huge thank you!”
Nicola Bailey - Headteacher, Charborough Road School

“We could see that the children responded with great enthusiasm and concentration; their focus and attention spans were increased as a result of the workshops.”
Jacinta Thurlow - SEN teacher, St Nicholas of Tolentine Primary