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Rhythm for Community life: a new approach to personal development and group discovery

Which communities do we work with?

  • Rainbows, Brownies, Guides
  • Cubs, Scouts
  • Festivals, Fetes
  • Weddings, Parties
  • Clubs, Socieites

What we can offer your community?

  • An exciting new experience
  • A chance to explore creative potential
  • Opportunities to re-energise and reduce stress
  • A chance to be a participant rather than a spectator

The drum circle creates a non-competitive and inclusive environment that generates a unique atmosphere allowing the group to discover hidden talents and the individual to be empowered.

Our community events are based on the Remo HealthRHYTHMS® Group Empowerment Drumming programme which is a structured and research-based drumming programme that has demonstrated significant and tangible health benefits from exercise, boosting the immune system, nurturing and social support, to intellectual stimulation, spirituality and stress reduction. The drum plays a unique and key role in enabling people to experience the health benefits of rhythm therapy and recreational music making and is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

What are the benefits?

Drumming is:

  • Accessible - it provides successful and inclusive experiences
  • Aesthetic - it involves the interactive creation of beauty
  • Expressive - it is a nonverbal mechanism for affective modulation
  • Physical - it requires psychomotor coordination
  • Powerful - it connects us to primal archetypes
  • Communicative - it allows for the purposeful transfer of ideas
  • Bonding - it creates social unity

  • Cognitive - it requires perception, attention, and memory

Source: Stevens & Burt (1997). Drum circles: Theory and application in the mental health treatment continuum

Download a HealthRHYTHMS brochure here, or use the contact form here to request a printed copy.

Building community spirit by connecting and growing together

We have a need to belong, to be part of a group who share interests and who come together for a common purpose. Such needs are as important to children and teenagers as they are to people in mid-life and to senior adults. By making positive connections with others we strengthen our communities and enhance our quality of life.

Whatever type of community you are in; business, family or leisure, drum circles can be of great benefit. Since time began, people have come together to experience the power of rhythm and make music. Communities are connected and enhanced through creative endeavour.


What is a community drum circle?

Community drum circles allow anyone, of any age, with any level of musical experience, to gather in a group and experience a sense of community by performing and making music together. Everyone is welcome; from complete beginners, to professional players.

How did it start? "Across all ages, across all continents, there has always been, and always will be rhythm; it is one of the constants of human existence". Cultures around the world have developed their own rhythmic variations recognising that they are a unique form of communication and have the power to raise the spirits and unite communities. Community drum circles do not aim to teach specific cultural grooves but draw on rhythms, and use drums, from all cultures.

So how does it work? The group is led by a facilitator whose main aim is to maximise the feelings of community and shared purpose between participants. Someone will start off with a pulse and players will join in with their own interpretations and variations; all that matters is intensity and groove. Everyone is encouraged to play at a comfortable level and express themselves.

What's more its great fun!


Celebration drum circles for all occasions

To make your party or wedding celebration a unique and unforgettable experience click here

Bristol Evening Post - January 2005

The film that you can download below shows Rhythm for Life (formerly known as HumDrumStrum) facilitating a wide variety of rhythm-based events, ranging from corporate team building seminars to school workshops and from festivals to local clubs and activities.

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Telephone: 0117 952 5273 or use the contact form here

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“Can you thank all the workshop providers for their commitment, enthusiasm and expertise. They did a fantastic job, thank you for all your hard work.”
Caroline Eastes - Opportunity Zone, Bristol City Council

“Jon’s dad has been quite ill recently and was in a wheelchair for the wedding and his words were. “The drumming has given him a new lease of life”. Thank you so much.”
Jane and Jon Hardy - Newly Weds at Priston Mill