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About Simon Carver

At the age of eleven I began my musical life playing the clarinet. When I was fifteen I discovered the drums - I have not looked back since.

Leaving the corporate world (I spent twelve years working for a major UK computer software company as a senior analyst) to pursue a career in music making, I played drum kit with many different bands and many different styles.

An interest in world percussion instruments was developing when a life changing trip to Los Angeles introduced me to Arthur Hull and the concept of drum circles. Shortly after, in 2001, I went to Hawaii for Arthur's drum circle facilitator training. I have been facilitating rhythm events ever since.

More recently my interest has turned towards using rhythm and drumming events for health and wellness.

Simon CarverSimon Carver

Mission Statement:

To promote the benefits and enjoyment to be gained from rhythm based activities. Demonstrating that music, and especially rhythm, can be inclusive rather than exclusive. Bringing to the surface that which lies hidden deep inside many of us but is just waiting for the right key to unlock it. Promoting development and well-being through the use of rhythm.

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Telephone: 0117 952 5273 or use the contact form here

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