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Corporate Drumming in progress Motivating your team with corporate drumming

HumDrumStrum has changed it's name to Rhythm for Life, find out more here

Where would we be without rhythm? It is everywhere, from the ebb and flow of the oceans, to the heartbeat of every living creature; it is an integral part of our daily lives. Throughout the history of mankind, people have been inspired to create their own rhythms. They have sat in circles and drummed, to celebrate, to grieve and to motivate. Rhythm is a tool for building unity and community.

Rhythm for Life provide events in the following areas:

Rhythm for a Healthy life : feeling good

We live in a world were the 'rhythm of life' is getting ever faster and more frenetic. Using rhythm and sound for relaxation and healing allows us to address that balance by slowing down and finding a more natural and harmonious state to be in. New research is showing that rhythm can help us in many other ways also........more

Rhythm for School life : enhancing learning

Using drums and percussion from around the world we show children the cultural diversity of our planet; enhance communication and listening skills; build confidence and co-operation; promote team spirit and creative expression in a fun and informative environment........more

Rhythm for Corporate life : employee health and wellbeing

For all organisations their most important resource is people. If staff are happy, relaxed, enjoying their work, feeling motivated and valued they will fulfil not only their own expectations but the company's as well. If you are looking for new ways to improve your health and wellbeing strategy and to inspire, motivate and empower your employees, talk to us; we will put your business in touch with its natural rhythm........more

Rhythm for Community life : connecting people

A rhythm-based event empowers people and enables them to explore their creative potential - it raises confidence, de-stresses and leads to more productive work and play. Since time began people have come together to experience the power of rhythm and make music........more

Inspire your team with drumming Motivational drumming workshop

Telephone: 0117 952 5273 or use the contact form here


“A totally engaging session, everybody enjoyed it thoroughly and could relate it to the underlying message”
Emma Rawlings - Training Officer, National Osteoporosis Society

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Drum Circle, energising and exhilarating. An excellent session which taught me a lot about team work and working in harmony.”
Marek Tribedi - Regional HR Events Director, Lloyds TSB

“The group settled down, gelled together and were all playing together and really making music within 20 minutes. Above all, they were working as a team. It was a spectacular start to the weekend and brought out lots of learning points on motivation and group work. I would recommend HumDrumStrum anytime.”
Andy Burkitt - Regional Training Director